Women in Security - Alyssa Sandoval

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Alyssa Sandoval, Senior Director of Operations – Allied Universal

 Senior Director of Operations – Allied Universal

Alyssa Sandoval joined Allied Universal in 2015 as part of the Guardsmark acquisition. During the acquisition, Alyssa was asked to apply for the Security Director position at SpaceX.  After the interview process she was selected for the role and held the position for two years. 

“I was delighted to learn that Universal Protection and SpaceX believed my abilities would be perfect for the role,” said Alyssa. 

Alyssa sought to expand her knowledge in the security industry and applied for a vacant client manager position in Los Angeles. She successfully navigated the process and was selected for the role in 2017. Being successful as a client manager, Alyssa was encouraged to apply for an opportunity as Director of Operations. Learning more about the position, she believed it would be a challenge and equally rewarding. Alyssa applied and was selected for the position, which she has held for a little more than two years. She has acclimated so well to the role that she was recently promoted to Senior Director of Operations.  

Alyssa has admitted that working in the security industry does offer challenges.

“Customers are looking for their service providers to furnish a quick, smart resolution to unexpected difficulties,” she said.  “The industry can be demanding and management may request assistance at any time. It is a challenge, but that is the expectation of those that hold management roles within Allied Universal.”

According to Alyssa, if you love a fast-paced working environment, then a leadership role in the security industry is perfect for you.

“There is rarely a dull moment,” she said. “In my last two positions, I have found that I have not only learned more about the industry but have been exposed to the financial and marketing side of the business. The security industry allows one to broaden their knowledge and provides the opportunity to develop in all different areas of the business.” 

Alyssa believes that there are many opportunities for growth at Allied Universal.

“Allied Universal won’t just hand you opportunities--you will need to earn them. A strong work ethic is expected and you will definitely be noticed by upper management if you put in the work.”

Alyssa is a member of BOMA of Greater Los Angeles and ASIS International.


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