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Global Security Services

Get Local and Global Support

At Allied Universal®, our enterprise expertise ensures we can meet your needs. Our over 60 years of experience and large scale in security allow us to focus on tailored security solutions for your needs, wherever you may be.


Global Security Services Provide Everything You Need

Allied Universal® has a global presence in over 90 countries and we are uniquely placed to provide a fully managed national, regional or global security program customized to your specific needs in each country. Our Enterprise Accounts team designs and delivers effective account management structures and provides expertise that contributes to your organizations’ success. 

You get everything you need.

  • Consistency in service delivery across your different geographic locations and varying operating environments
  • Dedicated account management team which can be embedded in your organization
  • Industry leading account governance across your entire enterprise
  • Standardized and efficient contracting structure under national or global framework
  • Increased business efficiency and possible reduction in operational costs resulting from continuous improvement programs and shared best practice
  • A risk-based approach to designing and implementing integrated security solutions
  • Global network of vetted third-party partners and suppliers with Allied Universal serving as a single-point of contact

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