Threat Intelligence & Situational Awareness

Gain an Added Layer of Awareness

Allied Universal® Technology Services offers the latest in threat assessment and intelligence, situational awareness, web and social media monitoring, mass communications and security team coordination, to add a layer of awareness and responsiveness to your security operations team.


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Innovative Threat Assessment Technology

Through cloud-based common operating picture platforms and workforce management and collaboration tools, insights aggregated and analyzed from thousands of data sources are delivered directly to the people in your organization who need them to better mitigate risk and make more informed security and business decisions.  

Security operators can make faster, more informed decisions with highly relevant, real-time alerts and a comprehensive common operating picture of intel from around the world or down the street.

Visibility and insight into online risks across your entire organization is delivered to the people who need it, when they need it, through a platform scours the web, dark web, and social media. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and U.S. intelligence agency best-practices, the platform identifies risks to notify of potential threats in real time. 

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Mitigate Risk, Address Incidents & Manage Critical Events Faster

A user-friendly mobile application can increase workforce engagement in your culture of safety and situational awareness for your security team, staff, and others in the organization.

Allied Universal® offers a mobile two-way safety communications platform designed to assist in reducing risk by engaging the organization’s community of users in situational awareness and safety information sharing. The platform assists in preventing incidents by enabling users to quickly and easily report security and safety concerns to relevant security authorities, while maintaining their privacy.

By utilizing technology to coordinate security workflows and operational response, security teams can mitigate risk, address incidents and manage critical events faster, more effectively adhere to procedures and organize tasks and produce more accurate and timely reporting. Allied Universal® offers a mobile tool that turns traditional operating procedures into true action plans and improves team coordination and response using intuitive software that digitizes your security workflow.  

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