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School Security: Create a Safe Learning Environment for All Ages

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Allied Universal® secures your campus with highly-trained security professionals, integrated risk consulting, and state-of-the-art technology solutions so you can focus on creating a safe environment for your students, faculty and staff.

Sensitive to the delicate balance of ensuring the right security measures are in place while preserving the student-focus and openness of a school campus, we bring a holistic approach to risk management. Our customized school security programs include integrations of risk consulting and technology solutions that augment physical security programs. Every solution is tailored designed through close collaboration with your stakeholders and matched to the environment of each unique school building, campus, or districtwide setting.

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Education Security Services Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can Allied Universal® help with investigations? 

A: As a single-source provider for a complete range of security capabilities Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services leverage an extensive network of resources to support a variety of investigations relative to the campus environment; to include fraud and financial crimes, organizational due diligence, litigation support, personnel background inquiries, workplace related issues and exposure, intellectual property and brand protection, digital forensics, and compliance investigations.


Q: How does Allied Universal® support emergency notifications?

A: As Campus Security Authorities, Allied Universal® is directly involved in supporting the issuance of timely warnings and emergency notifications in accordance with higher education institutional obligations under the Clery Act, and similar notifications provided within K-12 environments. Additionally, academic institutions at all levels can work with Allied Universal® to develop enhanced situational awareness and intelligence capability through custom-built technology solutions, outsourced intelligence analysis and reporting, and/or on-site security operations center development and staffing. 


Q: What type of education-specific training do you offer?

A: At Allied Universal®, we are proud of our specialized training programs. When combined with the right Security Professionals and the right level of institutional buy-in and support, it makes for a truly exceptional campus community-focused experience. All Allied Universal® Security Professionals complete our New Employee Orientation and a core training program covering the fundamental regulatory, ethical, and operational considerations for education institutions.  
This specialized training covers the regulatory requirements unique to academic institutions as well as the social and emotional dynamics at both the higher education and K-12 levels. In particular, our training covers such topics as the Clery Act (higher education), Title IX, FERPA, trauma and bias-informed response, communicating with campus communities, diversity and inclusion, emergency response procedures, customer service, and much more. 


Q: What type of assistance do you give the Public Safety department/On-Campus Police Departments? 

A: Though Allied Universal® provides top-to-bottom security services on many higher education and K-12 campuses, we are often called upon to work hand-in-hand with campus law enforcement entities as part of a hybrid solution. This often provides the best of both worlds and frees up credentialled and sworn law enforcement personnel to manage law enforcement tasks. In all cases, whether hybrid or standalone, Allied Universal® is committed to providing exceptional customer service and campus community engagement.

Q: Do your Security Professionals have an understanding of K-12 schools? 

A: Allied Universal® is honored to be the largest provider of K-12 institutions in North America. Our Security Professionals are carefully vetted for academic environments and are provided customized training programs - to include specialized training to mitigate bullying, cyber-bullying, and hazing - to ensure they have the skills and mindset necessary to provide exceptional service to all aspects of K-12 communities service.


Q: How does Allied Universal® remain up to speed with the issues facing academic institutions?

A: As North America's largest provider of security services to higher education and K-12 institutions, Allied Universal® has the unique perspective to leverage best practices and contemporary standards from a wide variety of campuses to ensure currency and capability to comply with regulatory responsibilities and maximize positive community engagement. One of the things that sets Allied Universal® apart is our Vertical Market Team and subject matter experts. 
We provide unmatched thought leadership engagement as part of the wider conversation regarding changing trends, opportunities for success, and potential threats unique to the higher education and K-12 environments. Our Education Vertical Market Team remains actively involved in a number of national and international leadership organizations to ensure we are best-prepared to serve the changing needs of campus communities.


Q: I'm thinking about outsourcing all or part of our in-house security program, but want to make sure I'm doing the best for the school and for the team.

A: The decision to outsource is often a challenging one; particularly as it relates to the human element. As the leading provider of education security services in North America, Allied Universal® is well-versed in managing effective transitions from in-house to contract security programs while maximizing the retention of organizational knowledge, quality campus service, and - most importantly - the personnel who have served the institution and - in most cases - remain a critical part of the team moving forward. When it comes to outsourcing, it often comes down to maximizing institutional focus on core competencies and finding professionals who can bring industry-leading training and capabilities, cutting-edge technology solutions, dynamic recruitment and retention for safe campus while improving your bottom line.