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Defense & Aerospace Security Services

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We are the leading provider of security solutions for our Nation’s Aerospace and Defense sector. We understand the concerns and challenges your company faces, which is why we help recruit and maintain Security Professionals with the appropriate clearances and specialized training specifically related to the defense security services sector. Our dedicated team of vertical market experts provide nationwide support and best practices for safety and security.

Customized Defense & Aerospace Sector Security Solutions

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Our partners benefit from the advantages of working with Allied Universal:

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  • Ease of doing business with: Benefit from devoted branch leaders, client managers, field managers, operations managers, trainers and recruiters, as well as sophisticated scheduling and payroll systems.
  • Unprecedented transparency: Get insight into our services delivered through our local teams, operational business reviews, and elevated technology like our sophisticated business intelligence and AI workforce management tools.
  • The best hires for you: Our expansive recruiting network and sophisticated hiring tools support you with the right, qualified staff.
  • Safety: Our team of Security Professionals are trained to help you mitigate risk.
  • Visibility: We provide peace of mind and help reduce security incidents.


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Subject Matter Experts


Our team has years of deep knowledge and understanding of the Aerospace and Defense sector, and we remain focused on providing a comprehensive list of security solutions and supply chain security specifically tailored to your specific business environment and needs. We continuously evolve and evaluate our procedures and protocols, and we know where we can provide help and insight.


We help our clients meet and exceed the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) standards and partner with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). We can assist with insider threats, supply chain security, situational awareness and social media monitoring. Our capabilities and partnerships ensure we stay in tune with the industry’s most recent developments – always enhancing your company’s brand and providing peace of mind for those with whom we interact.


Quality Personnel


We can provide Security Professionals trained for defense sector related tasks, armed and cleared security that hold classified or top-secret clearances, and have former U.S. military or law enforcement experience – all while passing rigorous background checks



Keep your business safe and secure while helping to mitigate risk and safeguard assets



We provide top-of-the-line training in defense security services, armed or unarmed guarding, Fire and Life Safety, First-Aid/CPR/AED, emergency preparedness, active shooter, and access control and management