PRO-Techs Antimicrobial Solution

COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Support

Allied Universal® Janitorial Services is now offering PRO-Techs in the fight against COVID-19.

PRO-Techs is a breakthrough PATENTED instant and lasting Antimicrobial Protection Nanotechnology that is 99.9% effective with a durability of up to 90-days on any surface.

Benefits of applying PRO-Techs at your building:

  • 3rd party independent lab testing grants PRO-Techs the claim against COVID-19 with a 99.8% effectiveness
  • Protection durability, lasts up to 90-days
  • Works 24/7 to prevent growth of microorganisms
  • 99.9% effectiveness on a wide variety of surfaces
  • EPA registered approval for use on food contact surfaces
  • Used safely and effectively for more than 16 years

Further, the patented PRO-Techs Technology is a GREEN coating because it is water-based, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-leaching, non-flammable, non-allergenic, non-irritating, odorless, colorless, and safe for use around children and pets.

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*All PRO-Techs information and claims are based on information provided by PRO Techs USA and American Antimicrobial. Allied Universal does not guarantee or warrant product information or claims