Fire and Life Safety Training Services

Plan and Prepare for Fire and Other Emergencies

Be Prepared with an Emergency Response Plan

Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services provides comprehensive fire and life safety training and emergency preparation services for every type of facility. Our training helps property managers comply with fire life safety codes within the following sectors: commercial, residential, schools/universities, financial institutions, government, retail, and industrial.

We offer convenient and affordable online fire and life safety training solutions for your facility.

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Online training provides the following:

  • Code Compliance Across the U.S.

Federal, state, and local laws require annual training for high-rise commercial and residential occupants. However, studies show that less than 20% of occupants have never been trained or know what to do in an emergency. That means over 80% of your occupants may be out of compliance. Let us help you improve your preparedness.

  • Training and Resources

Choosing our service cuts property management training related workloads by 90% and saves you over 50% compared to conventional training. Our interactive, building-specific e-learning training system motivates and rewards building occupants instantly.

  • A Rapid Return on Investment

For a low, one-time setup fee and a flat monthly rate that equals only a fraction of a cent per square foot, you can have a turnkey solution for one building or an entire portfolio.

  • Most importantly, IT SAVES LIVES!

We work with you to create a strategic and effective emergency plan around fires, natural disasters, or other conditions that may endanger people’s lives.

Choose Expert Fire and Life Safety Services

As the leader in training commercial building tenants for fire safety and emergency certification, our proprietary training system ensures your buildings and their occupants meet mandated national, state and local requirements and standards. Additionally, we maintain close relationships with federal and local law enforcement, fire officials, and other emergency personnel. Many of our instructors and managers are former law enforcement or professional first responders. These experts bring their combined experience to our program ensuring your service and training is the best around.

We provide interactive, building-specific, web-based training modules for your tenants, which can be accessed from any web browser at any time.  For more information, or a complimentary review of your current fire and life safety plans, contact us today!