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Executive Protection and Intelligence Services

Keeping track of key employees >

Knowing exactly where key employees are is a cornerstone of ensuring their security. Whether in proactive planning or in solving emergency situations, the principal’s location is a critical starting point for all EP activities.

Our globalized economy adds some complexity to the issue of location. Executives are traveling to ever more distant destinations. Expats are stationed in emerging markets where infrastructure and governments are more fragile than at home. And while companies have a duty of care to keep their execs safe, no one wants to invade their privacy in doing so.

Rapid response >

No matter how much forward thinking a company does, we are all sometimes surprised by a sudden turn of events. It may be a competitor making a surprise move, civil unrest that balloons into a sweeping socio-political upheaval, or something as simple as a key employee getting in a car accident. In 2014, a hostile group announced its intentions to harm the staff and interests of a major corporation thousands of miles away.

Providing seamless security for a blockbuster international roadshow >

Executive protection and event security are two core things Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services offer. Rapid response, smooth travel logistics and international expertise are another three core services that our clients rely on. On most days, we’re delivering some combination of these five elements above somewhere in the world. Last year, we delivered all of them and more in an intensive three-week international roadshow that launched the world’s biggest ever IPO.

Forward thinking >

Many companies routinely need to send staff abroad for periods of regular, short-term stays. The travelers can be anyone from managers setting up a subsidiary to technicians installing new production equipment. These “global commuters” are often based in a foreign country for a week or two, then home for a while, then back on the road. When such travel regularly takes employees to developing countries where the security situation can be turbulent, questions of duty of care arise even though the stays are temporary.

Honduras >

We have provided safe travel and other services for a number of philanthropic organizations over the years. In terms of objectives, these projects are quite similar to any other EP program we deliver: Our goal is to keep the principals and others in their entourages safe, happy and productive wherever their travels take them.

Transforming an EP program into one that keeps everyone safe, happy and productive >

We talk to a number of companies, large and small, about executive protection programs every week. Sometimes, the conversation starts something like this: “Executive protection? Yeah, we tried that a few times, but it didn’t really work out for us, so we gave up the program.”

At times, the conversation ends there. There are other times when this makes for the beginning of a great dialogue.

A sudden explosion on client’s evening stroll route? A walk in the park for a protective team connected to an efficient command center >

Providing effective protective security without wrapping the client within a claustrophobic bubble is inherently difficult. You need to be prepared for anything and everything – usually with little to no warning – and at the same time enable clients to get on with their lives without feeling encumbered by ever-present protection teams.

How we audited an executive protection program >

Protection details are sometimes started on short notice, bypassing critical foundational work required for effective programs. What’s worse, such programs can then run for years without any quality assurance evaluation. So, while security directors know they have programs in place, they may not have the means to know how effective the programs actually are in preventing and responding to emergencies and thus no way to measure program ROI.

Seamlessly crossing borders: How Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services global reach bridged the administrative gap between Hong Kong and China >

Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services offers clients true worldwide service. Our global network of vetted and trusted partners gives us the unique ability to draw on the knowledge and insights of locals that know their cities and enable our clients to do business when and where they need to go.