Rapid response

No matter how much forward thinking a company does, we are all sometimes surprised by a sudden turn of events.

It may be a competitor making a surprise move, civil unrest that balloons into a sweeping socio-political upheaval, or something as simple as a key employee getting in a car accident.

In 2014, a hostile group announced its intentions to harm the staff and interests of a major corporation thousands of miles away.


The challenge: Not content to issue a general threat, the group issued a string of communiqués that were increasingly abusive and worrisome.

It soon became apparent that the company’s top executives in particular were prime targets.

After a reliable governmental agency corroborated the genuineness – and seriousness – of the group’s messages, the company’s director of security called us for support.


The solution: Given the seriousness of the threat, a rapid response to ensure employee security was critical:

  • The project required near-immediate deployment of teams to provide 24/7 protection.
  • Within 24 hours of the call, Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services EP agents were on-site and on-duty at the company’s headquarters.
  • Within days, we had put together and deployed a comprehensive covert protection detail designed to keep safe the company executives who were most prominent and at risk.

At the height of the project, Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services had dozens of EP professionals on the job. In addition to safeguarding the company’s HQ and top executives locally, we also provided secure travel and logistics for the principals throughout Europe and the US.


The result: First and foremost, the client´s executives stayed safe, happy and productive while on our watch.

No security breaches or incidents were encountered at any location.

As part of our engagement, we helped the client develop a long-term, in-house solution designed to keep its employees secure from future threats.