Providing seamless security for a blockbuster international roadshow

Executive protection and event security are two core things Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services offer. Rapid response, smooth travel logistics and international expertise are another three core services that our clients rely on.

On most days, we’re delivering some combination of these five elements above somewhere in the world. Last year, we delivered all of them and more in an intensive three-week international roadshow that launched the world’s biggest ever IPO.


The challenge: A leading global company was preparing its much-anticipated initial public offering (IPO), which many observers predicted would result in the largest valuation ever seen.

In order to introduce the company to investors, the company planned an international roadshow that matched the scale of the stock offering. Key members of the executive team were packing their bags for a trip that would take them around the world, to more than a dozen cities in half a dozen countries, in a three-week whirlwind.

The company needed protection for its CEO and other execs as they traveled around the globe. This included secure transportation to and from all venues and event security at the investor meetings, as well as a range of other deliverables and security consulting. They asked Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services, one of the few companies in the world capable of delivering a project of such breadth and depth, to join the show.

Could Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services provide integrated EP, event security and security consulting for the entire international roadshow?


The solution: Against a tight timeline – and after a short planning phase that brought together many of our security experts from around the globe – we quickly began to organize the team that would keep the roadshow secure.

Over the course of the three-week project, the Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services team provided more than 320 days of vehicles and drivers, 240 days of venue security agents, 12 venue security sweeps, and 240 executive protection agent days.

We had a large security contingent at each venue, and we ensured investor meetings were safe by securing them comprehensively prior to and during the meetings.

We established secure communication lines with our own proven equipment. Our intelligence analysts prepared daily reports on the IPO roadshow’s overall security situation, and local briefs for our team in every country and city that the roadshow visited.

The logistical and organizational requirements of keeping one or two steps ahead of the roadshow to do pre-event security, combined with the ongoing secure travel and event security, were complex but doable. In all, we provided security to, from and in twelve cities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, Kansas City, Kuwait, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Singapore.


The result: Most importantly, the client was safe, happy and productive during the entire roadshow.

There were no security breaches or incidents.

The IPO went off without a hitch. As predicted, it proved to be the largest in history.

We continue to provide services to the client.