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Allied Universal® is the world's premier provider of physical security solutions, with the most comprehensive network of office locations nationwide for local expertise. Our extensive portfolio of solutions covers virtually every type of threat, where you need it, and when you need it most.

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    World-Class Customized Security Programs

    No two security programs are exactly alike, that's why yours should be tailored to your needs and managed by subject matter experts so you can focus on your core business. Our highly trained teams excel in security program management, providing tailored security solutions with a single provider.

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    Superior Program Value with Seamless Transition

    Our local teams provide consistent and reliable service with customized transition plans so you can focus on your business growth. Coupled with advanced technology, our professionals provide extensive coverage and personalized service to maintain a higher measure of safety across your business operations.

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    Award-Winning Recruitment and Training

    A successful security program starts with people who fit your culture, understand your needs, and demonstrate ownership for your program. Proven processes and a robust applicant pool mean we select the right candidates and arm them with award-winning training to put the best-fit hires on post more efficiently.

Do you have the premier local, technology-advanced security company?

At Allied Universal, we combine local focus with cutting-edge technology to future-proof your operations. Our Security Professionals, supported by proprietary HELIAUS® technology, offer adaptable, rapid-response capabilities to meet specific security challenges. Enhance your peace of mind with our unique blend of expert service and advanced technology, ensuring comprehensive and effective coverage of all your security needs.

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Revolutionizing the Security Industry to Secure the Promise of Tomorrow

We provide advanced risk mitigation strategies, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide customized, consistently high-quality solutions. This lets our clients focus on their core business with peace of mind. Our commitment to excellence begins with our local leadership and presence, ensuring support and unmatched service. Our comprehensive set of integrated security solutions is combined with six decades of experience perfecting our physical security service delivery: 

• Security Guards

• HELIAUS® AI Security

• Government Security Services

• Armed and Cleared Security Officers

• Custom Protection Officers

• Vehicle and Bike Patrol

• Visitor and Concierge Management

• Weapons and Explosive Detection



Explore Our Capabilities

Proactive Protection Tailored to Your Needs

Whether it's deterring potential threats, managing access at critical entry points, or providing a rapid response to incidents, our team is equipped to handle various tactical situations. This visible presence acts as a powerful deterrent against potential security threats, so your environment remains safe and secure.

Responsive and Reliable Security Operations

In any security situation, a timely and effective response is crucial, so it's important to have the right mix of on-site, patrol-based, or remote responses. Trained to assess situations swiftly and act according to your specific protocols, our team works diligently to mitigate impacts, communicate critical event details, and document incidents for a thorough review.

Enhanced Capabilities with HELIAUS Technology

Our proprietary HELIAUS technology further enhances our Security Professional Services, preparing our team to deal with a wide array of security challenges. By integrating real-time data from HELIAUS into our operations, our Security Professionals are better informed and more equipped to act effectively. This integration also allows for a comprehensive overview of your security landscape, improving overall safety and program transparency.

Comprehensive Integrated Security

At Allied Universal, we are committed to delivering a fully integrated security solution that includes skilled personnel and cutting-edge technology, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for all our clients. Trust us to protect your site with unmatched professionalism and efficiency. With over 350 branch locations in North America, we provide the best local coverage and scale.



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Brand and Reputation Security


Security Professionals do more than protect—they enhance your brand's reputation. By providing a secure, friendly environment, they help strengthen your brand's presence and assure stakeholders of your commitment to safety and quality.


Our Security Professionals are not just guards; they're trained personnel who meet stringent regulatory standards essential for your operations. Their presence promotes compliance and adds a layer of trust and reliability to your security strategy.

Business Continuity

Threats to intellectual property or employee safety can interrupt business, and human intervention is often the most effective way to prevent escalation. Our Security Professionals bring a human touch where technology alone might fail, offering protection for your unique business challenges.

Comprehensive Incident Management

Security Professionals are vital in our integrated security programs, serving as the primary responders to any security incidents. Whether the threat is imminent or in progress, they assess, respond, and manage situations based on their training and predefined protocols. This ability helps reduce the impact of incidents and ensures detailed documentation and communication of events, which is critical for further investigations and legal compliance. The flexibility of our security personnel makes them invaluable as they adapt to various scenarios, effectively reducing vulnerability to a broad spectrum of threats and enhancing overall site safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do security companies price guarding services?

A: Security companies establish their pricing by assessing multiple variables, such as the project's scope, requisite service hours, specific responsibilities, and geographic market wage data. Each pricing structure is crafted to align with the unique demands of each client location.

Q: Are Security Professionals always uniformed?

A: Security Professionals are uniformly attired, adhering to the highest standards of professionalism. Attire ranges from conventional law enforcement-style uniforms to more discreet ensembles like tailored blazers and ties, meticulously tailored to suit both the client's preferences and the nature of the service provided.

Q: What kind of training do Security Professionals receive?

A: Security Professionals undergo comprehensive training that covers applicable state laws, security procedures, and site-specific duties. This training ensures that Security Professionals are well-prepared for a variety of situations they might encounter while on duty.

Q: Is a long-term contract required for Security Professional services?

A: Not necessarily. Many security companies offer both long-term and short-term services without requiring a long-term commitment, allowing clients to choose the arrangement that best fits their needs.