Electronic Monitoring Solutions That Make an Impact

Allied Universal® Electronic Monitoring is an industry-leading technology and service company offering law enforcement and government agencies a wide variety of cutting-edge monitoring solutions tailored to their needs. Agencies utilize our solutions to promote community reintegration and reduce recidivism.

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    Three Decades of Experience

    Since 1994, Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring has provided equipment and software to monitor over a million participants. With a large electronic monitoring footprint worldwide, we are a global provider of electronic monitoring technologies for the criminal justice industry.

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    Innovative and Reliable Products

    Since we invented the first GPS offender monitoring device offered to government agencies, we led other technological breakthroughs and provided innovative and reliable equipment and software. Today we lead the industry in developing innovative products designed specifically for tracking and monitoring participants.

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    Superior Customer Support

    Our overall solution of delivering quality products and services is the reason for our success in the criminal justice market. Providing strong support for our customers’ programs has resulted in many long-term and loyal business relationships.

How can an electronic monitoring solution help my program or agency?

Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring provides electronic monitoring systems that scale up or down to meet your requirements. Utilizing our customizable GPS, RF, Alcohol, or App electronic monitoring solution promote a reduction in recidivism, aid with reintegration, and provide more peace of mind.

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Three Decades of Experience Making Cutting-Edge Solutions

Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring has been an industry leader technology and service company for three decades, offering law enforcement and government agencies a wide variety of cutting-edge monitoring solutions, tailored to their needs.

Explore Our Capabilities

GPS Tracking

We offer one-piece (AT1) and two-piece (RTC) GPS tracking solutions. Our GPS solutions include multiple tracking technologies for enhanced location points in difficult environments. The devices also include LTE and Wi-Fi communication, pursuit mode, two-way communication, onboard processing, 30 days of onboard storage, non volatile memory, and a wide array of interference detection in the industry.

RF Monitoring

We offer RF hardware (Base Unit 3000 LTE) in a smart, cost-effective package. A field-proven solution for low-risk participants that features advanced monitoring technologies that promote effective curfew compliance. Our RF Monitoring solution provides GPS location points and connections over LTE cellular, Wi-Fi, and landline networks. As a compliance reminder, the 2-way bracelet (BTX) vibrates to indicate curfew violations.

Alcohol Monitoring

Our alcohol monitoring offers a transdermal bracelet (SCRAM CAM®) and remote breath alcohol monitoring solution (SCRAM Remote Breath® Pro). The remote breath alcohol monitoring solution offers automated facial recognition matching and a GPS location with each test, both taken and missed.

Mobile App Monitoring

Designed for less intensive monitoring, our Mobile App (aCheck), provides the means to promote efficient communication and supervision of participants from the office and in the field. It provides participants biometric check-in and self-reporting, records location and activity compliance, sends appointment reminders, and provides two-way video and text communication between staff and participants.

Monitoring Software

Your team will value our powerful yet easy-to-use electronic monitoring software (EM Manager). Users can enroll participants, assign hardware, enter case notes, upload documents, manage visits, and contact participants directly. Integrated maps provide GPS tracking points, pursuit mode, and turn-by-turn navigation to a last point or a zone. Our mobile app (Mobile EM) is designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the field.

Monitoring Services

Our 24/7 US-based monitoring centers are staffed with specially trained customer service agents which provide responsive and reliable customer support. They share information for agencies on their participants promptly, receive location information, and troubleshoot hardware or software concerns. We also offer customizable monitoring solutions such as alert triage, outbound alert resolution calls, and officer notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of electronic monitoring compared to traditional incarceration?

A: Electronic monitoring offers numerous benefits over traditional custody by allowing individuals to maintain employment and family connections while being supervised in the community, reducing prison overcrowding, and saving costs.

Q: What types of electronic monitoring solutions are there?

A: Offering a wide array of participant electronic monitoring solutions in the market. GPS tracking provides consistent location monitoring of the participant. RF monitoring allows for a single location curfew monitoring. App Based monitoring is a low-risk check-in solution with additional customizable resources on an app.

Q: Can electronic monitoring solutions be customized?

A: Yes, at Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring, we can provide customizable electronic tracking solutions to meet the unique requirements of each participant. This can include tailored alert settings, reporting features, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Q: What support does Allied Universal offer for its electronic monitoring services?

A: We provide 24/7 customer support, training, and technical assistance. Our support strives to help agencies effectively use and manage the electronic monitoring systems and addresses any issues promptly.