A sudden explosion on client’s evening stroll route? A walk in the park for a protective team connected to an efficient command center

Providing effective protective security without wrapping the client within a claustrophobic bubble is inherently difficult. You need to be prepared for anything and everything – usually with little to no warning – and at the same time enable clients to get on with their lives without feeling encumbered by ever-present protection teams.

A cornerstone of the Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services approach is our ongoing dedication to adapting our services to the client’s personal preferences and corporate culture. Flexibility is key, but so is unswerving devotion to risk mitigation. Balancing these competing demands is what keeps our clients safe without being inconvenienced.


The challenge: Let the client get on with his daily routine despite potential risks due to a worrisome local incident.

Our client, a high net worth individual that frequently travels for business, was staying in New York City for a series of special events. After another long day of meetings, negotiations and public appearances, the client liked to go for a casual walk through the neighborhood to clear his mind and prepare for the next day’s activities.

While such a stroll does pose some security concerns, this is usually not a difficult task for our protective team. However, on this particular evening personnel at Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services became aware of reports of an explosion in the neighborhood where our client likes to take his walk.

How could Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services keep the principal safe without disrupting his beloved routine?


The solution: Use our intelligence capabilities to convey important information to the security team before they enter a high-risk area – and enable them to redirect the principal’s route.

The team at our command center discovered multiple reports of an explosion near the principal’s hotel before the story was picked up by the media. Remembering the client’s predilection for an evening walk, and realizing that our protective team in New York had no way of knowing what had occurred just moments earlier, the ASOC team immediately contacted the NYC team to convey all available information regarding the incident.

As it turns out this occurred precisely when our team and principal were proceeding to the lobby of the hotel. Our agents shared the information with the principal and recommended alternative plans for how to proceed.


The results: Another relaxing walk despite a lot of local commotion.

The client weighed his options and decided to take his cherished walk, but to follow the suggested detour and avoid the usual area. He enjoyed yet another leisurely stroll at the end of another eventful day – without being disturbed by the commotion of sirens and the hordes on-lookers.

Intelligence gathered by our ASOC team, transferred across the country in seconds to our on-the-ground team, enabled the client to make an informed decision – and get on with his life.