Keeping track of key employees

Knowing exactly where key employees are is a cornerstone of ensuring their security. Whether in proactive planning or in solving emergency situations, the principal’s location is a critical starting point for all EP activities.

Our globalized economy adds some complexity to the issue of location. Executives are traveling to ever more distant destinations. Expats are stationed in emerging markets where infrastructure and governments are more fragile than at home. And while companies have a duty of care to keep their execs safe, no one wants to invade their privacy in doing so.


The challenge: The chief security officer of one of our Fortune 50 clients needed to be able to locate its top executives no matter where their travels took them.

In order to deliver on the objectives of the corporate EP program, the company wanted to find a way to track its three top executives as well as their spouses worldwide. Furthermore, the corporation required emergency response resources in the event of an emergency.

The chief security officer had tried to solve the challenge through its existing security setup, but this was already overburdened with other tasks, and had neither the manpower, technology nor global network to provide comprehensive location tracking and emergency response.


The solution: We put together an integrated tracking and support program based on a combination of cutting-edge technology, rigorous SOPs and protocols, and our worldwide network of our own staff and vetted partners for emergency response.

In order to make the solution as user-friendly as possible, we utilized sophisticated tracking technology that could be combined with smartphones. This ensured that the principals were always able to hit an in-app panic button if required – or even just shake their phone.

The web-based GPS tracking app has a number of other features that kept the principals on our map when necessary, but let them turn off active tracking to protect their personal privacy as well. The solution also enables direct, encrypted communication between us, the principals and our responder network should that be relevant.

We also developed an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver 24/7 support with minimal impact on our operations staff.

Finally, we worked closely with our worldwide network to develop a solid response plan for physical emergencies. This included realistically rapid standards for response time and proven support procedures, so we were sure that we could deliver wherever our principals’ travels took them.


The result: The system is up and running and has already proven its value in terms of peace of mind, cost-efficiency and international effectiveness.

We have responded effectively to a number of panic alerts. The client’s principals are happy with the solution and have given us a lot of positive feedback on how it works.

We continue to provide this vital service to the corporation, and have already increased our support from six to ten individuals.