Seamlessly crossing borders: How Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services global reach bridged the administrative gap between Hong Kong and China

Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services offers clients true worldwide service. Our global network of vetted and trusted partners gives us the unique ability to draw on the knowledge and insights of locals that know their cities and enable our clients to do business when and where they need to go.

We boost our clients’ efficiency with seamless logistics and that help them maximize their time abroad and minimize unnecessary expenses. Our local expertise and global dedication to client satisfaction came together on a recent trip that included Hong Kong and China.


The challenge: Help our client to make the most of his time in China without breaking the bank.

The principal, a C-suite executive from an American Fortune 500 company, booked a security driver and car with us to travel within Hong Kong for a series of meetings. As the trip date came closer, he discovered a promising new business opportunity in nearby Shenzhen and decided to change his itinerary to travel there, too.

Although a mere 17 km (11 miles) separates the special administrative region of Hong Kong from Shenzhen in China’s Guangdong Province, there are still many travel restrictions. Two of these would impact our principal’s productivity and budget: drivers must have drivers licenses for both territories, and only vehicles with cross border license plates can travel within both Hong Kong and neighboring Guangdong Province, and dual plates are difficult to obtain (and cost over RMB 1 mil on the black market). Without the right car and driver, our client would lose time at the border and have to pay for two sets of cars and driver.

Could Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services find a way to expedite the client’s revised travel itinerary and allow him to take advantage of this new business opportunity – without ramping up costs?


The solution: Work the network to locate a suitable car and driver.

Many of our clients routinely travel to China or are themselves based out of China. As a result, we have over 12 years of experience working with clients in this part of the world and are familiar with the customs and regulations involved with traveling to China. Our Chinese field manager has access to one of the few available licenses and was able to secure this, a suitable vehicle and driver to get our client across the border without delay.


The results: More meetings in less time and at minimal extra cost – and another opportunity seized.

At Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services we know that eliminating preventable delays boosts both security and productivity. The fewer moving parts you need to coordinate, the simpler the task – and the less that can go wrong.

Seamless transportation between the commercial capital of Hong Kong and the economic powerhouse of Guangdong Province is an invaluable benefit for any of our clients looking to grow their business. Forward thinking and detailed planning are always paramount to overcoming the potential complications and risks of foreign travel. But experienced, well-trained local staff who are familiar with all the intricacies of local business and administrative practices are the ones who make things happen on the ground – and are a tremendous asset for us and our clients.