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One of the most basic human needs is to feel safe. Allied Universal® security professionals help people, businesses and communities meet that need every day.

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June 15, 2023

While on duty in Las Vegas, Security Professional Jason observed a man who appeared to be disoriented. Security Professional Jason ran toward the man and caught him as he began to fall, preventing him from striking his head on a bench. When Security Professional Jason realized the man was suffering from a seizure, he laid the man down and cradled his head and arms to prevent damage to his neck for the duration of the seizure. After the seizure subsided, the man regained consciousness. Emergency Medical Services arrived shortly after to transport him to the hospital.

June 14, 2023

While on duty in London, Ontario, Security Professional Arshdeep found a male lying face down in a flower bed. She made several attempts to communicate with him, but he was disoriented and had difficulty responding to questions. Security Professional Arshdeep called the police and emergency medical services and stayed with the man until they arrived to care for him. Police identified the man as a missing person and reunited him with his family all thanks to Security Professional Arshdeep.

June 13, 2023

Security Professionals Noah and James were newly certified in CPR and on duty at a client site in Ohio when they were called to assist a woman having a panic attack. Security Professional Noah arrived on the scene first, but as he assessed the woman, she passed out and her breathing slowed and stopped. He Immediately began CPR. Security Professional Noah then went to the front of the facility to direct Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the location. Medical personnel along with friends and family of the victim stated that she would not have survived had it not been for the security professionals’ CPR efforts.

June 12, 2023

In Toronto, Canada, a team from Allied Universal exemplified core values by assisting a struggling former tenant. Contacted by a client concerned for her safety, Service Manager Fabio, Shift Supervisor Courtney and Security Professional Amandeep took immediate action. They contacted a community support group, provided essentials, conducted wellness checks and coordinated with a shelter to find her a place to stay. These actions reflect Allied Universal's commitment to being a trusted partner and aiding those in need.

June 11, 2023

Security Professionals Matthew and Jeff responded to an urgent call for help from their coworker in the parking lot of a client site in New York amid a lake-effect snowstorm that buried western New York in more than 80 inches of snow in four days. Security Professionals Matthew and Jeff rushed to the scene when emergency response services had come to a halt due to the storm. They found the car engulfed in flames with their coworker lying in the snow next to the vehicle, they were able to pull him to safety away from the fire and the storm.