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What Kind of Security Officer Do You Need?

Every building, organization and corporate culture is unique. Security programs, and security officers, must be viewed through the same lens.

When a security director or organizational leader makes the decision to begin or enhance a security program, the decision making doesn’t end there. Many types of security responsibilities need to be considered so that the right security officers are selected. With that in mind, what kind of security officers do you need?

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Elevating Security Office Engagement through Recognition

How can a physical security program ensure the participation of highly engaged security officers and supervisors? A robust learning and development and career “pathing” program for security officers results in a security team that is ready, willing and able to take on the most rigorous and demanding security challenges. 

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Hostility Management in the Workplace and Beyond

Bruce Blythe, Owner and Chairman of Crisis Management International, is a guest blog author for Allied Universal.

The unpredictable nature of facing a hostile situation means the potential for danger is a palpable possibility every day. Whether it’s inside or outside the workplace, hostility can occur at any time. Threat assessment professionals and forensic psychologists can use a variety of methodologies to predict who has violent propensities, but determining the time, place and “if it will happen” remains far from certain. 

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How to Identify Key Security Stakeholders

Today’s security environment demands agility. In order to keep pace with the needs of our external and internal clients, we must first understand them, and then evolve. The ability to change and improve comes from collecting, understanding and integrating stakeholder feedback. 

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One Family's Success in Security

There is no better test of employee satisfaction and engagement than an employee referral. When an individual is truly happy with their career, they want to share that experience with others. In this example that goes a step further, a security officer referred his son. Their dedication, work ethic and customer service skills—which make them ideal security officers—shine through in this inspiring story.

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Finding Their Niche: Security Officers Invest in Long Term Career Opportunities

Long term experience is invaluable to any operation, especially security. A highly trained group of seasoned security professionals projects a consistent and reliable presence. They are often the leaders people seek out during a crisis.

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National Security Officer Appreciation Week

The first ever National Security Officer Appreciation Week is being celebrated this week. Security officers play a critical role in businesses across the country and it is time that we recognize those efforts.  

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Get the Most from Your Security Technology Investment

The security industry is booming with new technologies that bolster security programs with streamlined operations, data-driven decisions and increased efficiencies. While the industry is filled with products, systems and choices, the ideal security program incorporates a carefully selected suite of solutions specific to the needs of a particular location.

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Hands-On Emergency Planning Is Integral to Business Continuity

Business preparedness is a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising and evaluating to ensure the effective prevention, response and recovery from natural or man-made disasters.

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Papal Visit – Critical Reminder of the Need for Emergency Preparedness

When we think about crowd control, the images that most often come to mind are demonstrations and protests that are heated, unruly and sometimes violent. But those aren’t the only crowds that we need to be aware of and prepared for. Peaceful crowds and positive events of a large scale are equal concerns for business leaders. 

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