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Employee Benefits – Choices, Compliance and Engagement

Employee healthcare benefits are at the center of many business decisions today. Will employees be offered benefits?  If so, what benefit options will be available to them? And how do these decisions impact your business in terms of cost and employee engagement?

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The Consolidation Solution – Security Experience Alignment

Consolidating business under one service provider can drastically improve the value of any operation. The single point of contact, streamlined and consistent procedures, cost savings and best practices are among the benefits.

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People-Oriented Security: Creating the Right Approach

People are the foundation of the security industry. The ability to relate and empathize is—without question—what makes a security officer effective.

This profession demands a high degree of attentiveness as security officers are highly visible figures who serve the people they protect. Whether its opening doors with a smile, providing helpful directions, or responding to a medical emergency, security officers must be people-oriented with an affinity to customer service. 

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Emerging Threats and Emergency Preparedness

While every industry, business and workplace is unique, there is one critical area where every business leader, without question, needs to focus this year. We are all united in the need for emergency preparedness. With new threats emerging every day and increasingly hostile environments, the need to plan and prepare becomes increasingly more significant. 

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Securing Customer Service - Is Your Team Doing Enough?

While a security officer’s primary duty is to protect people, property, information and reputation, today’s security officers also provide a unique level of customer service to help create an environment that is safe and engaging. Ensuring that security officers are well-trained in customer service skills is critically important across all industries. 

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Enhancing Peace of Mind on Campus through Contract Security

Safety and security on a college or university campus is critical. The right mix of resources can create a truly comprehensive security program that helps campus community members feel safer, deter crime, improve safety awareness and control costs. When campus security resources are reviewed, adding or expanding the use of security professionals is a vital consideration. Contracting for security is a viable and cost-effective alternative to in-house staffing.

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Improve Security by Outsourcing

Can you get great security personnel with a contract security firm? The answer is absolutely “YES.” Many high level administrators incorrectly assume that only a proprietary team run by their security director are capable of administering a quality security program. But this is not the case. Security professionals love what they do whether it’s working for an in-house program or a contractor. So why not look at outsourcing? Working with a security contract firm has many advantages. Here are a few of the advantages of contracting:

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Do You Have an Operational Safety Net?

The days of a single-minded security officer who only reacts when called upon are long over. In today’s industrial and manufacturing environment, security’s role goes beyond the guardhouse. The new age security officer must have an active role in a company’s overall mission. 

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Finding Your Way: Successful Transit Security

Transit systems play a vital role in the economic and cultural vitality of our communities, and require a robust, complex and often costly infrastructure. It’s no surprise that as one of our most accessible and important critical infrastructure assets, security for these systems is essential. Protecting ridership, employees and physical assets requires special training, an understanding of the unique aspects of transit security, and a certain level of creativity balanced with the reality of limited funds.

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Three Steps to Build Operational Efficiency into Physical Security Design

Creating an efficient operating environment in physical security is no small feat—especially when the organization undertaking such an endeavor has a nationwide presence.

How do you get all of your various vendors, services, resources, manpower, and technology to integrate and work together?

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