Workplace Stress

Managing Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is the harmful physical and emotional response that can happen when there is a conflict between job demands and the amount of control an employee has over meeting these demands. Employers and employees can work together to help ensure negative workplace stress is met with positive responses so that working and being productive is not a stressful situation. 

Employers Can Help Reduce Stressworkplace-stress

  • Give clear job descriptions. By knowing who is responsible for what, workplace stress can be reduced. 

  • Communicate openly. Conversations can help ease workplace stress.

  • Engage your employees. By asking for employee participation, opinion and outlook, employees will feel more in control and part of the team.

  • Offer rewards and/or incentives. Good performance, reaching goals and productive work should be rewarded. Personal recognition can help boost morale and show that employees are valued in the organization. 

  • Provide counseling or make Employee Assistance Programs available to everyone.

Ways to Help Relieve Stress

  • Exercise helps to elevate your mood, energy and focus. It is an effective way to manage stress and concentrate on your mind and body.

  • Eat and drink right. A balanced diet can help fight off excess adrenaline and help you better cope with your situation. Dehydration is often a cause of fatigue so instead of multiple cups of coffee, drink water to help rehydrate your body.

  • Get your rest. Lack of sleep can leave you vulnerable to stressful situations and emotional imbalance.

  • Talk with trusted family and friends. If you’re experiencing a stressful situation, get their take on the issue. Writing down the problem can also help as you can go back a week later and ask yourself if you still feel the same way. If so, try to find a solution to help you feel better.

  • Plan your day and tasks. Make a checklist and prioritize the items listed.

  • Leave work at work. At the end of the day, focus on your evening plans and relaxation.


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