Community Involvement: Not All Vendors Are Created Equal

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Utilizing third-party vendors can be a smart way to retain the products and services you need, without the stress of managing everything on your own. And while many suppliers can appear the same, there are differentiators that do make a difference to not only your site and bottom line, but to your community as well.
community involvement
When comparing organizations with similar offerings, many companies look to select a partner who is heavily involved in their community. It guarantees an investment in your region, and such companies are more likely to value long-term relationships. As in most service-related industries, it is truly the people that make a difference. When employees are involved in the community and try to better where they live, work and play, it becomes apparent in their everyday lives. 

By partnering with a vendor that believes in corporate and social responsibility, it also enhances your credibility to your clients and employees. When you choose a company that aligns itself with values and principles similar to your organizations’, it strengthens the relationship and ensures better service. It spreads a positive attitude to those with whom your company interacts on a regular basis—employees, clients, prospects and visitors.

Good security companies provide trained security officers, are kind and courteous, and get the job done. Great security companies go above and beyond what you see on-site. They not only serve and secure your company, but also the communities in which they work. A great security company’s job is not done when an officer clocks out for the day or after a manager leaves your site, but is ongoing, intuitive and consistent throughout every aspect of their business and personal lives.

Not all vendors are equal. Whether you are outsourcing for food, maintenance or security services, to make a solid decision in favor of one company over another, you have to go beyond what everyone offers and take stock in what truly sets a company apart from the rest.