EP and Travel Logistics

At Allied Universal® Executive Protection & Intelligence Services, helping our clients getting from A to B is something we put a lot of effort into.

Keeping them safe as they move around the country and the world is our first priority, of course. But smooth travel logistics does more than that. It allows our principals to make the most of their time wherever they go. By keeping their focus on running their business rather than running around looking for taxis, hotels and the next meeting, they get more done even when they are on the road.

Ultimately, our goal is to replace the burden of travel with an experience that keeps them safe, productive – and even happy – when moving from A to B and beyond.


The challenge: Our client, a high-profile chief executive at a high-profile Fortune 500 company, was planning a major trip that would take him to five countries spread throughout Asia.

In addition to a wide variety of meetings with subsidiaries and customers, our principal had also been invited to a number of tête-à-têtes with the highest level of government in the capitals he planned to visit. More than 25 company executives were also included in the itinerary, as they would be participating in key meetings and a number of offsite events. Finally, the CEO wanted to take a short personal vacation while in the region.


The solution: Drawing on a number of internal and external resources, we configured a team capable of delivering seamless secure travel across Asia.

The team integrated our own EP agents embedded at the client’s with in-country security and logistics providers. Full-time EP professionals already working for the client were designated as detail leaders.

The itinerary was complex. The first two countries each required support in two separate cities; in the final three countries, the entourage increased by up to 25 additional high-level travelers.

In order to provide the client with a consistent and familiar travel experience, we “leap-frogged” agents between destinations. Our staff did advance work at all stops to make sure that local assets were vetted and in place, and ready to deliver according to objectives.

We created a support matrix across the entire team so that everyone involved could easily understand the plan and their roles, ensuring reliable and efficient delivery.


The results: The trip was highly successful for our client.

All travelers accomplished their planned goals, and we managed to stick to the ambitious itinerary despite a few unforeseen incidents. Our team easily handled the few minor illnesses that slowed down several company travelers. We quickly resolved a customs issue that interrupted the journey for one of our highest-level participants and could have turned into a frustrating experience.

Even though the itinerary was complex and complicated by the large entourage and the multiple agendas and destinations, the trip went off without a hitch.