Personal Safety Resolutions

Tips for Personal Safety

When you make your New Year’s resolutions, will personal safety considerations play a role? Daily workouts and healthier diet may top your resolution list, but the vows that may have the most profound impact on your life revolve around your personal safety resolutions.

While our cities, communities and workplaces are protected by dedicated police and security officers, ultimately, we are all responsible for our own personal safety. Even the simplest activities, such as shredding documents and parking in well-lit areas can reduce our personal safety risk. Being aware of both our surroundings and potential dangers can help us take proactive steps to ensure that we are safe and secure.

Deter, Detect and Defend Identity Theft 

As identity theft continues to increase and plague consumers, proactive steps are needed to protect ourselves and our personal information.

  • Review your credit report regularly.

  • Keep your Social Security number and PINs confidential.

  • Remove personal information from company and family websites.

Parking Lot Safety Tips 

We often forget about potential dangers that can occur in such places as dark parking lots or remote parking areas

  • Park in well-lit, heavily trafficked professional holding hard hat

  • Be aware of your surroundings.

  • Have your keys in hand and look into your vehicle before entering.

  • Lock the doors as soon as you are in your vehicle.

  • Do not roll down the windows if someone asks about directions.

  • At night, ask for a security escort to your vehicle.

Drive for Life  

Driving can be a safety risk all on its own and there are many other factors that can influence our safety.

  • Be extra cautious while driving at night.

  • Carry emergency supplies, including flares or reflectors.

  • Watch for hazardous weather conditions.

  • Do not give rides to strangers or stop to assist with a disabled vehicle.

Travel Safe Not Sorry 

Use extra caution for your personal safety while traveling. The excitement and hurried nature of travel can leave us vulnerable.

  • Carry minimal cash and keep tickets secure in an inside pocket.

  • Do not leave luggage unattended and report abandoned baggage.

  • Only use taxis with official markings and at official pick-up areas.

  • If traveling by car, be sure your vehicle is serviced and route planned.

Additional Personal Safety Resources