Vehicle Security

Without opportunity there is no crime. This is certainly true when it comes to the theft of vehicles and their contents. Thefts usually occur because owners make it far too easy for the thief. Precautions can be taken to help prevent both types of thefts.

Alarms and clubs will not always prevent crime, but will often deter the thief. The thief will look for an easier car to steal. 

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In the United States a vehicle is stolen an average of every 21 minutes. Not only does auto theft cost the victim time and money, but it costs society, because it drives insurance premiums up and many times stolen vehicles are used to commit other crimes.

Prevent Theft from Your Vehicle

  • Never leave valuables on your seat, the floor or the dashboard. Use the trunk and glove compartment for storage.

  • Remove money, cell phones, portable electronic devices and CDs from view.

  • Don’t leave registration or insurance papers in the vehicle. It makes your vehicle easier to sell, and it gives the thief your home address.

  • Take valuables such as checkbooks and credit cards with you or leave them at home.

  • Don’t leave luggage on the luggage rack. This is an easy target.

  • Cover valuables stored in the rear of SUVs and trucks.

Help Prevent Vehicle Theft

  • Take your keys. Nearly 20 percent of all vehicles stolen have the keys in them.

  • Lock your car. Approximately 50 percent of all vehicles stolen are left unlocked.

  • Don’t leave your running car unattended.

  • Park in a well-lit and well-traveled area.

  • When possible, park in a lot that has an attendant.

  • Keep all of your doors locked at all times.

  • Roll your windows up completely.

  • Keep your sunroof closed.

  • Use an audible alarm or ignition kill switch. A steering-wheel locking device is also a strong deterrent.


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