Personal Preparedness

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Disasters can occur in just a few seconds. What type of emergencies have you personally experienced? How many have you seen on the news? Do you have a plan in place? Personal preparedness is essential to help lessen the impact on families, workplaces and communities.

Discussion topics include:

  • Types of emergencies and prevention
  • The need for personal preparedness
  • Important aspects of any preparedness plan including emergency alerts, evacuation routes, communications plans and more

Presented by:

Tracy Seymore - Business Development Manager, Allied UniversalTracy Seymour
Business Development Manager, Allied Universal

Tracy is a 25 year veteran of Allied Universal based in Washington DC. She is the Vice Chair Internationally for BOMA’s Emergency Preparedness Committee and serves at her local BOMA affiliate as the Chair of Training and Education for the Emergency Preparedness Committee.



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