The Many Faces at Allied Universal - Yara Alpuche

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Yara Alpuche

Yara Alpuche

Regional Human Resources Manager/Allied Universal® Technology Services

Santa Ana, CA

Yara Alpuche started her career at Allied Universal in 2015 where she began as an Accounts Payable Specialist.  Yara later transferred to Human Resources as an HR Administrator for the Santa Ana corporate office where she watched the department rapidly grow.  In 2019, Yara was promoted to Senior HR Administrator and three months later was promoted to Corporate HR Representative assisting with acquisitions and leading the Corporate HR Administrative team.  In 2020, she was promoted again to Regional Human Resources Manager for Allied Universal® Technology Services.

Throughout her career, she has always been a huge supporter of diversity in the workplace. 

“A diverse workforce brings fresh perspectives to the table,” said Yara.  “When employees from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and cultures are hired, productivity increases. A diverse group of people from different backgrounds contribute unique perspectives that can lead to team success.”

Yara believes it is important for the security industry to recognize diversity. 

“Employees should be able to be their authentic self and feel a sense of belonging no matter what their background is,” said Yara.  “The more an employee feels included, the better they will perform their duties.”

When tackling difficult situations surrounding diversity, Yara looks to transparency.  

“Difficult situations arising from diversity can be approached by being transparent,” said Yara.  “Communication is key. Making sure your team is clear on expectations, policies and procedures helps to reduce ambiguities or misunderstandings.”

How does Yara make team members feel included?  

“My goal is to offer an open forum for thoughts and ideas,” said Yara.  “For example, any time we have brain-storming sessions, we come up with the best solutions for whatever project we are working on as a team.  Everyone thinks differently and everyone’s approach to solving problems is different.  We work together as a team to come up with solutions in order to achieve success.” 

Outside of work, Yara works closely with the YMCA in her community, a non-profit that promotes diversity whose primary goal is to strengthen communities and ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity.  Each year, she helps fundraise to create scholarships for the families who cannot afford childcare. These scholarships help the families in need and help children build relationships with other children from different backgrounds.