The Many Faces at Allied Universal® - Jamie Harvey

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Jamie Harvey, Allied Universal® Director of Security

Jamie Harvey, Allied Universal® Director of Security

When it comes to the importance of diversity in the security industry, Jamie Harvey’s 22-plus years of experience has convinced her that diversity is a key component in a successful, prospering work environment.

“Having a diverse group of employees who share their perspectives and ideas is essential because it acknowledges their individual strengths and leads to new and innovative ideas that solve problems and ultimately leads to the overall success of the organization,” Jamie said.

In her current role as Director of Security, Jamie takes a lead-from-the-front approach when it comes to addressing day-to-day duties and challenging situations on the job.  

“I reassure my team that we are a unit, and I will never ask them to perform a job I am not willing to do myself,” Jamie said. “I treat each member of my team with dignity and respect. At our office, we have a positive motto displayed on the wall to set a positive tone right from the start.”

She maintains that momentum by staying engaged with her team, discussing needs and concerns, encouraging feedback, and creating a culture where employees are recognized for their contributions.