The Many Faces at Allied Universal - Felicia Solis-Ramirez

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Felicia Solis-Ramirez

Felicia Solis-Ramirez, Branch Manager — San Antonio

Felicia Solis-Ramirez embraces workplace diversity as an opportunity to take individuals out of the box of cultural stereotypes so they can leverage overlooked talents and perspectives and grow professionally. 

“Everyone’s problem solving ability comes from their specific experiences,” she said.  “Hiring a diverse team enables us to relay customer service and safety in a manner specific to the communities we serve.”

As a Branch Manager, Felicia integrates diversity and inclusion into her leadership style by acknowledging that every member of her team is an individual with a unique perspective and personality. She takes that a step further by asking individual team members questions like what sports teams they like, what school they attended and what military branch they served in. 

“By expressing an active interest and remembering their stories, the team feels more included on a daily basis and less forgotten,” she said.

When it comes to approaching challenges around diversity and inclusion on a personal level and in the workplace, Felicia tries to remove her ego from the situation and take a compassionate approach. 

“Not everyone has the benefit of growing up in a diverse environment, so their approach might not take into consideration the variety of scenarios that play into a person’s actions,” Felicia said. “I see my team for their individual abilities and provide them with the tools and support to grow into bigger and better opportunities within Allied Universal.”