Workplace Fire Safety

How to Prevent Fires in the Workplace

The threat of fire can be frightening. In many cases, fires cause major property damage, or even worse, death. The use of fire retardant construction materials, sprinklers and smoke alarms can greatly reduce the risk of fire. In addition, informed employees who know what causes fires and how to prevent them can further prevent the threat of fire.

Prevent Fires with “Good Housekeeping”

  • Keep combustibles—wood, paper, trash and oily rags—away from machinery and other heat sources.

  • Store all flammable liquids in flame-proof containers.

  • Practice preventative maintenance on all electrical equipment.

  • Keep all areas clean and free of debris.

In the Event of a Fire…R-A-C-E to Safety!

  • R Rescue—Remove any employees or visitors from immediate danger.

  • A Alarm—Pull the nearest Fire Alarm and call the proper emergency phone number.

  • C Contain—Contain all smoke and toxic fumes by closing all doors and windows.

  • E Extinguish and Evacuate—Follow all posted and verbal procedures.

Causes of Electrical Fires

  • Don’t force three-prong plugs into two-prong outlets.

  • Don’t overload extensions and electrical outlets.

  • Don’t use household-grade extension cords in the workplace. Heavy-duty extension cords with circuit breakers should be used.

  • Don’t use frayed extension cords. Check them frequently.

  • Remain calm. People are looking for your guidance and reassurance.


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