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Executive Protection and Intelligence Services

A trip to Brazil reverses the principal’s objections to EP >

We’re often approached by security directors who require protection for someone in their C-suite, but the principal wants nothing to do with executive protection. The reasons for such resistance can be many but typically fall into four categories: preconceived, negative notions of intrusive protection; previous bad experiences with EP; a conviction that EP is unnecessary for them; and a belief that it’s too expensive and not worth the cost.

Opening a new subsidiary in the most dangerous city in the world >

As an international executive protection company, we go where our clients need to go – and do what it takes to keep them safe, happy and productive. We normally work on either a project basis or through embedded programs in which we place executive protection agents/managers and intelligence analysts within the client organization. But sometimes the client’s needs are so wide-ranging that other solutions are required.

Quantum leap in intelligence analysis capacity within three months >

Our executive protection services depend on up-to-date information to stay abreast of emerging risks to our principals wherever they might travel. So, it’s no wonder we rely on many sources – including our broad network of on the ground eyes, ears and minds – to predict, prevent and mitigate threats to our principals. Indeed, our most comprehensive EP programs have dedicated intelligence analysts as part of the team.


Helping a client stay safe and make good decisions when all hell breaks loose >

We provide secure travel logistics for our clients so they can maintain their productivity and well-being wherever their interests take them. While our managers and agents always train and prepare for the worst, in normal circumstances good planning and procedures allow us to provide our principals with seamless transportation and security that they hardly notice as they move about their day.

Arranging a trip on the fly to a restricted military airport in India >

For our principals, the so-called work/life balance is different than many people. They work a lot, some would say constantly. They have a profound sense of purpose and truly enjoy what they do, so the distinctions between “business and pleasure” are seldom black and white. The incredible productivity of our principals depends not only on good planning or isolated stretches of downtime, but also on an ability to combine days on end of hectic business activity with the capacity to smell the roses along the way. As this case illustrates, good international EP facilitates all of this.

Setting up, training and maintaining a covert EP and surveillance detection program to provide top-notch security >

We regularly work with high net worth individuals, families and their offices. In many ways, the EP and security needs of these prominent families are similar to those of corporations. After all, these high net worth individuals are often founders of highly successful companies, and in that sense share many characteristics with the C-suite principals for whom we typically provide EP.