Security Teams Benefit from Additional Training and Resources


ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment. Widely deployed by carriers and enterprises alike, ADTRAN solutions enable voice, data, video and Internet communications across copper, fiber and wireless network infrastructures. ADTRAN’s Huntsville, AL, headquarters are located on an 80-acre campus and cover approximately 1.1 million square feet. With three buildings spread across a large property, safety and security for employees and visitors is a challenge.

As the campus grew, so did the duties of the security team. From shuttling employees between buildings, to greeting visitors and taking charge of receptionist duties, the security team has a high level of interaction with ADTRAN employees. It is important for the organization to have a security solution that would offer them additional resources and give the security officers in-depth and enhanced training.


Allied Universal Security Services joined ADTRAN’s team in May of 2009 to provide an updated security solution. ADTRAN stressed their need for A+ service so one of Allied Universal’s first steps was to bring on an Account Manager who would be solely dedicated to the site and respond to the needs of the client. Officer training would also need to be implemented to ensure an elevated level of service.

Recruiting quality personnel is vital to a successful security program. Allied Universal’s numerous resources, including the Allied Universal training program, help to recruit and train employees who will meet ADTRAN’s needs.

“We were excited about the Allied Universal program,” said Brad Dunkerley, Safety Security and Wellness Manager at ADTRAN. “This training program allows our officers to learn new material and take part in refresher courses. The in-depth training offered by Allied Universal is what sets them apart. Knowing that our security officers have continuous training gives our employees an additional sense of safety and security.”


Quality training, as well as the attention and dedicated supervision of an Account Manager, led to a seamless security solution for ADTRAN.

In addition to the ongoing training, the security team also takes part in receptionist training conducted by ADTRAN, working on additional customer service skills, including phone etiquette. All security officers are working toward the Allied Universal Master Security Officer certification as well as the Manufacturing-Industrial Security designation.

“Classroom training combined with online courses really puts our officers a step above the rest,” said Dunkerley. “These officers not only represent Allied Universal, but also ADTRAN. They have a totally different perception of security, and we’ve noticed a positive difference. 

The security training program for ADTRAN has resulted in well-prepared and responsive security officers who are proactively involved in all aspects of safety and security across ADTRAN’s campus. This high level of professionalism has allowed the security team to become an integral part of ADTRAN’s operations.