Contractor and Visitor Safety

Tips for Contractors and Visitors

The employees who work at your facility every day understand your safety and security procedures and have been properly screened and trained on what to do in an emergency. But a visitor does not have this information, and if the proper security measures are not in place, can pose a security concern. It is important to have a policy to safely integrate contractors and visitors into your secure environment.

Prior to a Visitprofessional wearing suit with work badge

  • If contractors are going to be on company property for an extended period of time, ensure they have proper background screens completed.

  • If there are security personnel on site, they should be alerted of scheduled visitors and contractors.

  • There are visitor management systems available that allow visitors to pre-register prior to their visit so they will not have to deal with a lengthy check in process.

Entering the Facility

  • As part of your contractor and visitor policy, ensure everyone signs in and out at a reception desk or main office immediately upon arrival and before they leave.

  • All access control and bag check policies in place for employees should apply to visitors and contractors as well.

  • Create an ID badge for each individual that specifically details who they are and where they are to be.

  • If there is a security presence, have them escort contractors and visitors to their destination to ensure they are not entering restricted areas.

During A Visit

  • If visitors need to wear special personal protective equipment, provide it with instructions on use.

  • In the event of an emergency, ensure all visitors exit promptly and do no re-enter the facility until permission is given.

  • Ask all visitors to report any problems they encounter during their visit.


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