Uniforms: Ask 5 Questions Now For An Easier Transition Later

Specifying the quantity and type of uniform you want your security officers to wear will lead to more transparent pricing as well as prepare you for a smoother transition. Below are some details to consider and questions to ask your prospective security provider: 

1. What image do I want my security team to project?

Security officers are often the first contact many employees and visitors have with your company. Do you want a customer service look or something that conveys a stronger security presence? Ask the security provider what styles of uniform they offer and what they would recommend to help meet your security objectives. Always request visuals, or even samples.

2. Do we have special requirements/duties that would necessitate unique uniforms or accessories?

For example, are you in a cold climate with outdoor patrols? If so, you’ll want to ensure that appropriate outerwear is part of the standard issue. Are you a chemical or manufacturing facility that requires special safety gear or fire retardant uniforms? Ask the security provider what is standard issue and what is custom--which can mean additional cost for you.

3. How many sets of uniforms should my security officers have?

Do they need enough for every day of the week or are you comfortable with them re-wearing their uniform between cleanings? Depending on the uniform type, some hold up better than others between cleanings, and that can impact the number each officer is issued. For example, a blazer does not need to be cleaned between each wearing, but a golf shirt probably should be. Ask the company how many full uniforms each officer receives and their policy on cleaning.

4. Whose brand should be on the uniform? 

When you select a recognized quality security provider, the use of that organization’s name can help convey your commitment to safety and security. Security officers who wear the name of an industry leader are proud, and are recognized and respected for their authority. Also be aware that some states require the security company’s name or logo to be visible on their uniforms.

5. How often do I want uniforms re-issued?

Security companies should have a policy that allows for replacement due to wear and tear. You can also think about setting a regular schedule for uniform replacement. Ask your provider how long their uniforms usually last. Keep in mind that what may seem like a less expensive uniform up front may not last as long, needing more frequent replacement – and adding to your cost.