What the Security Uniform Says About You

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As companies may be assessing their operational teams at the start of the new year, we thought we’d repost one of our more popular blogs on the subject of outfitting your security personnel to best reflect the role served. 

Security professionals are often the first people that employees and visitors encounter. Their uniform is a vital part of their appearance and it helps provide peace of mind as employees and visitors are comforted by security’s presence. The uniform makes security officers easily recognizable, and helps guide people to them as the go-to authority in an emergency.

When deciding on a style of security officer uniform, there are many factors to consider. Do you want a customer service look or something that conveys a stronger security presence? Are the security officers in a cold climate with outdoor patrols? Is the primary responsibility of the security officer to deter crime, or serve as a brand ambassador for visitors? 

The security officer uniform can set the tone for the environment. A culture that fosters a casual atmosphere may want security officers to align with that. A technology company, for example, may require its security personnel to wear security company-branded polo shirts and khaki pants in colors and styles which project authority but still look at home in the casual setting.

A petrochemical, manufacturing or government facility may want security professionals dressed in military-like or fire retardant garments which convey a command presence. A hotel or commercial building may prefer white dress shirts and dark blue suits to convey a customer service-oriented, concierge-style security. 

Even at the same work site, security personnel may be outfitted differently to suit their individual responsibilities. For example, security officers assigned to outdoor foot patrol may wear military style uniforms made with sturdier fabrics to suit the climate; while the security officer at the front desk is attired in a dress shirt and suit. 

When a company selects a quality security provider, the use of that organization’s name on a uniform - whether embroidered onto a jacket or on a badge or pin - ensures that the security professionals are recognized and respected for their authority. Additionally, some states require that the security company’s name or logo be visible on the uniform. 

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  Keith Kepler is the Senior Regional Vice President of the Southeast Region at Allied Universal.