Risk Advisory and Consulting Services

Risk is constantly evolving and unavoidable in today’s global business landscape. Understanding and distilling risk to its most relevant impact, and acting to minimize that impact, is crucial to business continuity.

Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services combine risk assessment, prevention, and investigative practices developed over more than four decades with the extensive experience and knowledge of industry-leading consultants into a centralized practice with strategic focus on reducing risk. We help customers determine where and when risk is most likely to turn into threat and the most effective means to combat threat—arming organizations with the knowledge to make critical business decisions that ensure better risk management outcomes.

Leveraging the unmatched expertise of our veteran leaders with more than four decades of field experience, backing and resources of an over $7-billion plus security firm, and industry-leading best-practices from Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services, organizations can effectively identify and mitigate risk to prevent loss and protect people, infrastructure, and assets—locally, regionally, and globally.

The following practices integrate with, and augment, traditional security services and systems to present a comprehensive picture of risk and actionable solutions to enhance security program effectiveness and ROI.



Allied Universal helps customers identify and minimize vulnerabilities in physical security programs. Our consultative approach includes a professional assessment of the preparedness of security management, performance of security personnel, and the effectiveness of security policies and systems. We design and implement strategic risk management initiatives based on risk and risk-management principals providing the rationale and framework for developing and expanding security programs in alignment with core business objectives.

  • Physical Security Assessment, Design, & Engineering
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Corporate Security Program Reviews & Audits
  • Security Risk Consulting
  • Asset Protection Program Development & Reviews
  • Crisis Program Design & Management
  • IRS 132 Assessment

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Obtaining the proper business intelligence can make a difference in ensuring that investments, business relationships and transactions, and other major decisions lead to positive outcomes. 

Allied Universal offers a variety of business intelligence services, analysis, and research to guide clients in mitigating risks, protecting assets and intellectual property, and making informed business decisions. We also assist our customers in responding to risk by providing business intelligence in support of litigation and asset recovery efforts, with a wide range of litigation support services.

Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services leverage an extensive network of resources and open source information to prepare an analysis that can be used to assist in the decision-making process. Our product is flexible in its style, structure, content, and cost, all depending on the client’s business objective and budget.

  • Business Transaction Due Diligence
  • Fraud & Financial Crimes
  • Litigation Support
  • Personnel Background Inquiries
  • Workplace Related Issues & Exposure
  • Intellectual Property, Brand, & Product Protection
  • Asset Tracing & Recovery
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Compliance, Investigations, & Training/Design
  • Digital Forensics

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Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services empowers customers to better protect what matters most‒people. Through detailed risk assessments and investigative practices, intelligence monitoring, and analysis of thousands of data sources, we reveal risks most likely to impact organizations and deliver the relevant threat intelligence, professional advice, and program development to help customers effectively prepare for and respond to threats toward people and infrastructure.

Our team of protection specialists has diverse experience in personal protection, travel risk management, active shooters, workplace violence scenarios, crisis/hostage negotiations, and more. With extensive backgrounds, native-level understanding of local languages and culture and trusted relationships with entities on the ground, to include U.S. Embassies and local law enforcement, Allied Universal specialists are uniquely qualified to safeguard individuals at work, at home, traveling, or abroad.

  • Threat Assessment & Management
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Open Source Intelligence & Threat Monitoring
  • Executive/Personal Protection Operations & Training (Armed/Unarmed)
  • Executive Security Assessment

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Threat, Disaster and Emergency Response

Proactive preparation and effective management of the security response before, during, and after a high-risk event is crucial to safety, asset protection, and business continuity. Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services professionals leverage extensive experience, technology, and processes to help customers develop disaster and emergency response procedures and rapidly mobilize support resources in times of natural disaster, crisis, civil disturbance, or strike/labor unrest. Established relationships with federal, state and local government, and law enforcement resources enable us to coordinate effectively on behalf of customers, to recover quickly from critical events and minimize disruption to operations.

  • Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Response
  • Strike Preparations Guidelines
  • Civil Disturbance Protection (Armed/Unarmed)
  • High-Risk Site Protection
  • Rapid Response & Deployment
  • Specialized Asset Protection
  • Off Duty Officer Services

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Experienced, long-standing consultants with notable backgrounds in corporate security, special services, law enforcement, and legal counsel in a variety of industries.


Workplace violence prevention, personal/executive protection, fraud and financial crimes investigation, litigation support, due diligence, background investigations, cyber and information security, emergency preparedness and response, crisis negotiations, and more.


Risk advisory and response services throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the United Kingdom, as well as local partnerships around the globe, enable rapid deployment of assets when and where needed.


Backed by the organizational breadth, financial stability, and resources of an over $7-billion, 200,000+ employee-strong firm, you can be assured you have a partner who supports your risk management objectives now and in the future.


Coordinates seamlessly with Allied Universal’s Security Services and Technology Services to provide end-to-end, flexible, and scalable security solutions through a single source provider.