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A Recognized Industry Leader for Security Risk Management

A security breach or incident puts your property and customers at risk, and can be detrimental to your company. To keep your business and people safe, you need a security officer company like Allied Universal who specializes in security risk management for your specific industry.

For more than 60 years, we have provided proactive security planning and multiple levels of protection that surpass our clients’ expectations. Our professionalism, quality training of our officers, and customized solutions that fit your specific industry and business are just a few ways we stand out against our competitors.

Whether you’re securing a manufacturing facility, college campus, commercial office building, or another facility, we can provide the right security risk management solution for your company. Find out how we serve your specific industry or explore our resources that pertain to your needs or select an option below.

Chemical/Petrochemical/Utilities   |  Commercial Real Estate  |  Defense & Aerospace  |  Financial Institutions  |  Government Institutions - Aviation - Ports  - Business Improvement Districts  |  Healthcare Higher Ed  |  Manufacturing & Industrial  |  Public Transportation  |  Residential Retail

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