Women in Security - Tiffany Bush

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Tiffany Bush -- Regional Vice President for Allied Universal

Q&A with Tiffany Bush -- Regional Vice President/Allied Universal

Tiffany Bush joined Allied Universal in 2012 as an Operations Manager at the New York City office.  She was promoted to District Manager and later Director of Operations and currently serves as Regional Vice President for the Northeast Region.

Q:  Why did you decide to join Allied Universal? 
A: I looked at it from both a personal and professional standpoint. I’ve always needed a sense of purpose in my work so I would be motivated to grow and give it my all. I also have a protective nature, so safety and security for me is a must-have, not a want. In addition, I also wanted to be in an industry that could withstand most economic downturns for stability.
Q:  Why did you join Allied Universal versus its competitors? 
A: In researching top security firms, the best reviews - bar none - were for Allied Universal and the growth potential was evident. Once my initial interview concluded, I knew I would be working with a team that had true integrity, were extremely hardworking and innovative.
Q: What are some of the challenges working in the security industry? 
A:  I think it’s fair to say, now, in the midst of a global pandemic that challenges is a relative term. The challenges we face in 2020 are not at all what they were in years past. We have been challenged to adapt to every conceivable change in scope of work, ensuring our products and services remain innovative and reliable, being the best business partner to our clients through our continued excellence and unwavering ability to deliver - all while ensuring we remain best-in-class business leaders and make decisions that will best serve our employees and our company.

Q: What are some of the benefits working in the security industry? 
A:  We are lucky to have a myriad of benefits in this business which include learning the true intricacies of what it takes to run a business and becoming entrepreneurs in our own right, cultivating transferable skill sets and knowing that what we do serves a greater purpose. Our work ensures that millions of people traveling, working and going about their daily lives across the globe, can do it safely. I know no greater benefit than that.

Q:  What advice would give a friend about starting a career at Allied Universal?  
A:  Go for it! What you put in is truly what you will get out. The network at Allied Universal is unparalleled. So, listen more than you speak, speak up when you need help, give yourself the grace to blunder and then prepare your corrective action and execute. The sky’s the limit at Allied Universal.

Tiffany holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School and is ACE Certified (Airport Certified Employee).