Veteran Aliya Carter

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Aliya Carte

Aliya Carter

Director of Operations, Allied Universal

United States Army

A U.S. Army veteran, Aliya Carter joined Allied Universal in 2013 and currently serves as Director of Operations-Philadelphia Branch.  Aliya began her security career as a shift supervisor, was promoted to Operations Manager and then to Account Manager. Aliya, who served for four years in active duty, felt a calling to serve her country and do something that was honorable and respectable. While several generations of her family have served, Aliya was the first woman in her family to enlist.

Aliya’s first assignment in the military was a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Operations Soldier stationed in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.  Due to her dedication and hard work, Aliya earned the rank of Sergeant (E-5).  She proudly recounts that when she went to the boards for a promotion in the Army, she was asked several questions from all areas of military service. Of all the soldiers that day, she was the only one to answer all questions correctly.  

After leaving the Army, she found it a bit challenging to find a workplace to call home. 

“Initially, I held jobs where I noticed a lack of team work and cohesiveness,” says Aliya. “It wasn’t until I started in the security industry that I found a team of people who supported one another and responded as a group to incidents and emergencies.”

Aliya finds strength in her military background. 

“My military experience allowed me to enter and adapt to different environments, interact with people outside of the scope of my normal activities and challenged me to overcome obstacles that were placed before me,” says Aliya.  

In the military, Aliya learned to manage time and stress. She believes that time management and proper management of stressors are essential to succeeding in the physical security industry.

At Allied Universal, Aliya easily adapts to the various vertical markets in her book of business and is continually in contact with people from all walks of life and experiences.  The challenges faced in the physical security sector call on all of her skill sets to address and keep her fresh and engaged. 

“I truly enjoy working at Allied Universal because I am offered to the opportunity to help people and the community/city where I live,” says Aliya. “My team is always there for me. There is not a day that I do not pick-up some new piece of knowledge and every door can be knocked on for guidance, advice or just a listening ear.”