The Many Faces at Allied Universal® - George Kimani

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George Kimani, Allied Universal® Client Portfolio Manager

George Kimani, Allied Universal® Client Portfolio Manager

With 29 years of experience, George Kimani understands Diversity and Inclusion is critical to the success of Allied Universal® and the security industry because it gives employees a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging, in turn, promotes a desire to work for the greater good and to become vested in a career path.

George started his career in 1993 as a Security Professional, working in shopping mall and corporate high-rise settings while attending college. He then followed an upward career journey with increasing leadership responsibilities, including Account Manager, District Manager and Branch Manager before landing in his current role.

As a Client Portfolio Manager, George strives to bridge cultural divisions by encouraging different points of view to uncover solutions to the many challenges of the job.

“This makes employees know they are valued and improves performance,” George said. “Diversity is about standing up for what’s right and should be a yardstick we use to measure ourselves as we strive to serve our clients and communities.”