The Many Faces at Allied Universal - Eddie Esparza

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Eddie Esparza - General Manager

Eddie Esparza
General Manager
Stockton, CA/Fresno, CA

Eddie Esparza has been working at Allied Universal for more than 22 years starting out as a Field Supervisor in Riverside.  Within six months, he was promoted to Operations Manager for the Riverside branch and two years after that, he was promoted to Branch Manager. In 2003, he had the opportunity to relocate to Northern CA as the Operations Manager for the San Francisco office, which was the first branch in Northern CA at that time.  

Due to his success in Riverside and San Francisco, he relocated to San Jose as the Division Manager to support the company’s expansion in Silicon Valley.  In 2012, he was promoted to Branch Manager for the San Jose office. Five years later, he relocated to Central Valley as the Branch Manager overseeing Stockton and Fresno offices.  His overall success and expansion in the valley led to his promotion as General Manager for Stockton & Fresno offices in 2020.    

“I am truly thankful to have spent my entire security career at Allied Universal as I have gained invaluable knowledge, training and leadership skills which I utilize every day as General Manager,” said Eddie. “I am definitely not finished with my career development at this company as my goal is to one day become a Regional President.”

According to Eddie, having diversity in the workplace is extremely beneficial for existing and future employees as it inspires individuals to feel seen, heard and valued.

“In security, we are surrounded by individuals coming from all walks of life,” said Eddie.  “I believe that working in a diverse environment helps promote richer and bolder ideas that lead to innovation and ingenuity.”

At Allied Universal, we work closely with management to ensure that our team is included in our decisions in order to promote an inclusive environment, he says.  

“Our chemistry is a reflection of it,” said Eddie. “Our team feels they have a forum to be themselves and are encouraged to bring solutions to the table.  There are times, however, when difficult situations surrounding diversity may arise and I make sure to focus on identifying the root of the problem and implement a process that would mitigate the situation.  I make it a point to learn from my life experiences.”

Over the years, Eddie has learned from leaders with diverse backgrounds which has helped him become successful at Allied Universal. 

“I am proud to work for an organization where I am judged by my own merits and performance,” said Eddie.