The Many Faces at Allied Universal - Giulia Di Iorio

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Giulia Di Iorio

Giulia Di Iorio

General Manager, Allied Universal

Montreal, Canada

Giulia Di Iorio joined Allied Universal nearly 10 years ago starting out as an HR Specialist for Guardsmark at the Montreal branch office. She was part of the evolution of the branch during the merger of Universal Protection Service and AlliedBarton.   

“My goals are to continue to grow, improve, learn and mentor my team,” said Giulia. “I hope that I have a long career at Allied Universal because I appreciate the company’s values and culture and am very proud to be part of this organization.”

Born and raised in Montreal, Giulia is the daughter of a French-Canadian mother and an Italian-born father. She believes a diverse workforce is extremely important because it builds stronger teams and fosters inclusion.

“Being a woman working in the security industry, which is traditionally a male-dominated field, I believe that equality in the workplace is critical. We should all treat each other the way we want to be treated.”

Recognizing diversity should be a top priority for all businesses and learning about diverse cultures is especially important in order to provide optimal service for clients. 

“By fostering diversity in our workplace, we are in a better position to attract great talent, retain outstanding employees and provide our clients with excellent service and results,” she said.

When faced with specific issues surrounding diversity at work or on a personal level, Giulia believes that we should never judge people for their differences.  

“I approach difficult situations with respect,” said Giulia. “I try to assist the best I can by listening, being supportive and offering solutions.”
According to Giulia, diversity increases the creativity, the innovation and the performance of a team.

“Diverse perspectives gives us more unique ideas, new strategies and solutions,” she said. “I’m proud to say that Allied Universal encourages integration, fulfillment and development of all team members without discrimination due to age, gender, sexual orientation, social status and ethnicity.”