A Surefooted Approach: Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention


This webinar was recorded prior to the formation of Allied Universal. Because of the highly relevant nature of the topic, we are still offering this content for viewing.

Presented by: Julie Havel, AlliedBarton Safety Program Manager

It has likely happened to you – a stumble in a stairway, a trip over a curb or a slip on a wet floor. Accidents like these can result in a simple bump or bruise, or even a more serious injury.

The security industry is not immune from these incidents, as officers spend the majority of their time patrolling your facility. The safety of your security team and all of your vendors should be important to you, as they have an impact on your organization’s safety record.

This webinar covered:

  • Solutions to slip, trip and fall hazards

  • Implementing best practices for your security team

  • Improving your injury metrics year over year

  • Security's impact on safe workplaces