Expect Comprehensive Security

Without the Guesswork

You know your facility needs reliable security, but what does that mean, exactly? Various types of security systems provide different types and levels of protection. Access Control services let you decide who can go where at your facility, and when. Alarm and Intrusion Detection services can alert you to problems and even provide intervention. Industrial Video Systems keep you safe and informed when cameras go into dangerous or unreachable areas. These solutions work well alone or in combination.

Designing, installing, operating and managing security systems isn’t easy, but making the process simple for our customers is what makes Allied Universal one of the fastest-growing security companies in the country.

We’ll Make It Simple

We’ve built our reputation on innovation and reliable service, and we are known as the industry’s experts. No matter what solutions we recommend for your facility, you can rest assured that we’ve considered all the key factors in designing a comprehensive security system that works for you. Systems that require on-site monitoring are available, as are affordable systems that let us provide remote security monitoring.

Allied Universal provides the expertise you want when designing your security system. And you can count on quality, because we sell, install, and service the best security tools in the business, including our remote video monitoring solution.