MaRC Monitoring and Response Center

Allied Universal Monitoring and Response Center (MARC)


Allied Universal combines the monitoring of physical security systems such as access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection devices with the operational security platforms including critical incident management, threat awareness and situational intelligence to deliver a comprehensive outsourced Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) offering. This service, based in the MaRC, provides a cost-effective approach for all of your surveillance and response needs. Using a combination of real-time analytics, event-based technologies and the latest in threat intelligence, our security intervention specialists provide around-the-clock monitoring for a variety of situational intelligence capabilities.

Intelligent Real-Time Monitoring 

Allied Universal provides video monitoring as a service and complete end-to-end security solutions, from cameras, access control, traditional alarms, and remote audio features. Leveraging video analytics with real-time, event based monitoring by our Security Intervention Specialists, the Monitoring and Response Center provides customized solutions that are scalable, reliable, and efficient. Improve your security operation through enhanced services, deter theft, mitigate the criminal element.


Custom Tailored Proactive Monitoring & Response and Event-Based Services Such as:

  • Customize security practices from the client locations to the monitoring center

  • Target key areas and known vulnerabilities with virtual perimeters

  • Opening doors or industrial gates remotely from after authentication

  • Respond to traditional fire or intrusion alarms or building systems

  • Answer phones and dispatch security personnel to incidents

  • Call and notify the emergency first responder with a Verified Crime in Progress

  • Document and send clients incident reports

Benefits to Allied Universal Monitoring and Response Center Clients

  • Force multiply existing security force and enhance day-to-day security operations

  • Additional Supervision in applicable scenarios at minimal cost

  • Customer Portal to see security events and reports instantaneously

  • Project management design, engineering, and installation of security systems

  • Realize additional savings on in-house security devices

  • Strategically enhance security operations to improve cost efficiency & ROI

  • Attractive warranty offerings for repair and maintenance of systems