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Online threats can come from anywhere at anytime. ThreatMinder is a flexible solution that provides visibility and insight into online chatter for a wide variety of business assets—from executives and locations to events and products. The platform uses proprietary technologies to monitor, analyze and notify businesses of any potential online threats. The 24/7 system scours the Web, Dark Web and Social Media; when a risk is detected, ThreatMinder analyzes, categorizes and communicates possible danger in real time.


Key Features:

  • Ability to monitor public and private data to offer the broadest possible real-time threat discovery and evaluation.
  • Covers web, dark web and social media platforms.
  • Capability to monitor any identified asset, including locations, executives, employees, events, products and brands.
  • Analysis of online sentiments to detect sudden changes in postings, volume and other important variables to assist in calculating threat levels.
  • Custom platform integrations, social media/web platform monitoring and specific keyword monitoring and filtering. Data can be fed into existing platforms, including TX360, to augment other situational awareness services.
  • Expert evaluation combined with automated monitoring technologies, data rationalization and Artificial Intelligence to identify, filter and normalize millions of data sets.
  • Support in multiple languages.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides awareness of kidnapping dangers, property damage or threats from ex-employees.
  • Monitors for valuation threats, such as IP theft or scamming.
  • Sets alerts for risks of a financial or personal nature.

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