Mobile Safety Communications


Prevent Incidents Before They Occur

LiveSafe delivers actionable, crowdsourced safety and security intelligence that increases both workforce engagement and situational awareness for your security team, facilities staff and others in your organization.

Through a secure, easy-to-use smartphone app, your entire workforce becomes a communication channel for corporate security. Data is monitored in real time, and the flexible and configurable platform easily integrates into existing technology solutions.

LiveSafe is flexible and perfect for large, complex organizations. It can be configured based on internal processes and communication flow. Departments, offices and regions can have customized instances, all of which feed into your Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). LiveSafe supports UTF-8 international languages and is appropriate for global platform usage.

Key Features:

Broadcast Messaging

  • Mass notifications via text message, push notifications, email and RSS feed.

  • Check-in capabilities for both drills and critical events.

  • Geo-targeted messaging so messages can be sent to team members in specific locations.

Mobile Two-Way Communication

  • Report tips are received in real time, are GPS tagged and can include text, photos, video and audio.

  • Active location sharing in an emergency shows where team members are with real-time data.

  • Security escort requests with time and location constraints are available via the dashboard or a phone call.

Key Benefits:

  • Offline access to emergency procedures like just-in-time training, contacts and internal procedures.

  • Emergency contacts dynamically change to most relevant organization or agency depending on user location.

  • SafeWalkTM peer-to-peer tool that allows people to virtually walk family, friends and other contacts to a destination.

  • Views of important buildings, regions and safety places on a real-time map.

  • An app that does not drain phone batteries, use a lot of device memory or require hardware to be installed.

  • Reliable, high-capacity platform that can handle massive volumes of events, chats and broadcasts for large-scale incidents.

  • Analytics on system usage and reporting are easily accessible.

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