GSOC as a Service

Allied Universal's Global Security Operations Center as a Service

Threat Intelligence and Situational Awareness

In today’s connected world, options exist to help organizations prepare for threats and mitigate risk, regardless of their size or location. Real-time Situational Intelligence is critical for security professionals to make decisions regarding the safety of employees and operational continuity in the event of a crisis.

Available in the Allied Universal Monitoring and Response Center, the driving force of GSOCaaS is Swan Island Network’s TX360®  situational awareness and threat intelligence platform and ThreatMinder's social media monitoring product. These solutions combine with Allied Universal’s monitoring and response center analyst and operator infrastructure for powerful technology that can help prepare for and prevent threats, minimize risk and keep employees and assets safe. The new GSOC offerings also include mobile safety communications software and a platform that digitizes Security Operations Center operating procedures and processes.

GSOC and GSOCaaS Capabilities

As important as the tools and technology used to provide the intelligence and awareness information aggregation, an organization’s Global Security Operations Center’s (GSOC) human assets and resources are as critical, if not more, to the analysis, reporting, and communication of critical events and managing all physical and operational information work flow.

Through Allied Universal’s MaRC, a focused recruiting operation provides specialized sourcing of GSOC operators and analysts that can be dedicated at a client’s location or reside inside the MaRC.

The MaRC provides a managed services model with GSOCaaS operators who can be dedicated or partial resourced, focused on pre-defined customer physical and/or operations, information analysis, alarm or event response and critical incident reporting.

Service Options

  • Daily briefing report

  • Real-time alerting

  • Dedicated client dashboards relevant to asset types, locations and business risk profile

  • Emergency incident support with dedicated custom scalable services, based upon needs

  • Information management and event response of physical security information (PSIM) and operations information (OPSIM) products and technologies

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