Design & Installation

Count on Expert Design & Installation

You can count on our experts to create the system you need. Allied Universal offers comprehensive designs for all our security systems. Our sales personnel have solid technical credentials and experience in electronic security system design and integration. Our design engineers work with you to provide cost-effective security solutions using state-of-the-art technology, whether you buy or lease.

We Know Design and Installation

Designing and installing security systems isn’t easy, but making the process simple for our customers is what makes Allied Universal one of the fastest-growing security companies in the country. Allied Universal provides the expertise you want when designing your security system.

Allied Universal not only designs a variety of security systems but also offers project management and installation services for projects of various sizes and complexity. System-design personnel always remain part of the project management team during and after installation. This ensures that each system functions the way it was designed to and meets your expectations.

You expect quality equipment and service, but you also have to consider costs. Allied Universal offers several flexible leasing plans to assist you in acquiring equipment for our security systems in your facility. In addition, our leasing plans can include service contracts.

Allied Universal is recognized as an industry leader in providing excellent field service and maintenance. In fact, we have a fleet of service vehicles we use to respond in an emergency or to provide preventive maintenance so that your company’s security is never compromised.

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