Working After Hours

Stay Safe When You Have to Work Late

After work hours safety is an important responsibility that should not be overlooked. No matter the reason for working late, it is best to ensure your safety while working and before leaving the facility. Stay alert and take the proper precautions.

Keep in Constant Communication

  • If you are the only person left working, stay connected with co-workers, your boss and family members so they are aware of where you are and if you are safe.

  • If there are security personnel on duty, alert them so they are aware that you will be there at a different time. You can also ask them to check on you every so often to make sure you are safe.

  • Stay near your phone at all times, even if you leave your office. Try to avoid walking alone in the facility, but if you must, carry your cell phone with you in case of an emergency.

  • Inform everyone who is aware that you are working after hours when you have safely left the facility.

While Working

  • Safeguard your valuables in case you are not the only one left in the building. If you can, lock yourself into your working area to prevent others from entering. 

  • If security members are on site, ask that they notify you of their presence with a door knock during your welfare check. If you have to leave your office, be sure to lock the door behind you.

  • Avoid walking throughout the building alone. If security is available, you can ask for a security professional to escort you to your destination.

When You Leave

  • If security is present, ask if an escort can follow you to the parking lot or to public transportation, especially if it is dark when you leave.

  • Have your vehicle keys in your hand and ready to unlock the door as soon as you get there. Remember to check the area around your car for someone hiding next to, beside or under it, as well as the front and back seats of your car before getting in.

  • Lock your car as soon as you get in - before you fasten your seat belt. Be prepared to leave as soon as you get into your vehicle.

  • If you notice anything suspicious, notify security or the police.

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