Work Zone Driving Safety

Use Caution when Driving Through a Work Zone

A work zone is a designated area on a street or highway where construction is taking place. It is important to remain alert while driving through work zones as they can be dangerous areas. Know the laws in the state where you are driving, but use these tips for general work zone driving safety.

Slow Downcaution tape and signs

  • Speed is often a contributing factor in work zone accidents. The speed limit is typically lowered because of the potentially hazardous conditions in the work area such as changes in traffic patterns, debris on the roadway, or construction vehicle activity.

  • In most states there is an increased fine for speeding in a work zone. The posted work zone speed limit will alert you to the safe speed. Watch for flashing work zone lights when nearing the area.

  • Allow for other vehicles to merge in front of you at merge points prior to construction zones. This keeps the traffic flowing.

Expect the Unexpected

  • Watch each side of the road for workers and equipment as you are driving. Be ready to make an immediate stop if necessary.

  • Increase your view of the work zone and your visibility to others by turning your headlights on while driving in work zones.

  • Be aware of signs and follow the directions of construction crews. They are in control in the work zone and can alert you to upcoming stops or lane changes.

Be Patient

  • Delays are likely in a work zone, especially if a lane of traffic is closed. Remain calm and be patient.

  • Allow for additional travel time if there are road construction zones in your path. Check with your local Department of Transportation for work zone schedules and delays.

  • Do not tailgate the driver in front of you. While it is important to keep a steady pace to keep traffic flowing, remember to leave a safe distance between vehicles. A safe distance is a minimum of one car length in stop-and-go traffic and a three-second following distance when traveling.


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