Trained and Experienced Security Officers Provide Operational Security Safety Nets

Proper training and experience are a security officer’s best assets. The ability to absorb industry-specific knowledge—while incorporating it into a daily security routine—makes a security officer invaluable to any operation.

At a logistics center in Philadelphia, Security Officer Geraldine Chisholm is well-versed in her daily routine. She understands the importance of her everyday duties, as well as her client’s operational culture. Geraldine inspects operational-safety-netpaperwork for trucks before they leave the facility and embark on treks throughout the nation. Many of these trucks are loaded with valuable products that must arrive on time and are critical to an organization’s mission. A mishap could cause significant financial distress and cripple a business operation.

On May 14, Geraldine was reviewing paperwork while inspecting a driver’s trailer when she noticed an issue. She saw that the trailer’s seal had been broken when it was supposed to remain intact. Geraldine then asked the driver to open the trailer. She quickly realized that the driver had mistakenly picked up the wrong shipping container.

After notifying the shipping supervisor of the confusion, she found out that the truck driver was originally scheduled to pick up an empty trailer. Instead, he picked up a loaded trailer from the wrong drop lot space.

Geraldine’s training and her attention to detail prevented a $2.1 million blunder from occurring. Her ability to identify a discrepancy in the shipment stems from her training and experience at the distribution facility.

Without a highly trained and dedicated officer like Geraldine, a significant amount of money, time and manpower would have been spent on clearing up an unnecessary mistake. A keen sense of awareness, expertise and an overall commitment from a high performing security officer proved the difference. Efforts from security officers like Geraldine occur every day, and they’re essential to business operations around the country.